Here is what we've been up to lately.

Bina Smart Business

 Bina Smart Business is a cloud solution, providing a brand new way to manage retail business.

Our goal is to equip managers with most important and up-to-date analytics for better decision making. Bina Smart Business offers a possibility ...

Bina Smart POS

 Bina Smart POS is an elegant and powerful solution to organize your brick-and-mortar shop operation. Being a device-flexible product with 0 learning time it allows you to fully use it from day one on basically any platform. With Bina Smart POS cloud solution your sales will always be secure and in-sync with your backoffice software..


 Get your arms around every patient touch-point and care team interaction. Laser-focus on the key issues and processes that matter most to you. Enable rapid iteration and improvement in your distributed teams. HealthyOps allows you to monitor and control patient service quality, safety adherence, care team and patient engagement and healthcare access in real-time. It's your "in-flight navigation system" for extraordinary service quality and patient experience.

Bina Smart Family Finance

 Family Finance is a unique budget tracking tool that not only lets you track your own expenses, but also the expenses of your whole family. Create family projects, add members and let them add their own budget information to your projects.

COMAX Mobile

 A top managers' tool allowing control over Retail and Wholesale business in real time. COMAX Mobile app is connected to the COMAX Cloud - a smart Retail E.R.P. system.


 U-Max is an advanced cloud system developed specifically for Municipalities and Water supply companies. Its smart interface transmits the meter readings via mobile devices, calculates routes and schedules of meter checks, cuts down operational costs. This system was developed by a team of programmers and designers from Moldova.


 We have built a large numbers of web and mobile apps for the biggest Israeli retail chains like Half Free, Rami Levi, Top Ten Accessories and others…
 With E-commerce applications, which we developed, our clients permanently grow their online sales. Click to see how this can make you more money.

Bina IQ

 First we built this web application for our needs. It helped us discuss and develop our ideas. Bina IQ kept us on top of the subject and solicited faster result of the conversation. Bina IQ is a nice business tool for people who like to be in touch with all processes.

Parking Management

 A smart parking supervision system that helps organize the work of a single paid parking lot or the whole city of parking places. No parking meters needed. Drivers register using mobile phones and roaming inspectors randomly check for violations and print fines on the spot.