Are you ready to build great cloud apps ?

Today is a unique moment — we are looking for promising developers oriented on building great cloud apps.

What do we have and what can we offer you?

• Knowledges from a team which know how to build great cloud services;

• Possibility to work when you can do it better (because no one will watch for the schedule if the job is done right). Salary is reviewed every 6 months and each New Year :)

• Offices located in Chisinau, Bucharest and Tel-Aviv;

• We are looking forward to a long mutually beneficial cooperation and hope for reciprocity;

• With us you will forget the meaning of the word “boring”.

We have something to talk about, if you:

• Want to know the latest technical trends, new testing technologies, follow the latest "cool" applications and participate in their development;

• Want to write code and be proud to show it. But in the meantime, you're ok with doing even faster dirty prototypes that no one will ever see;

• Can’t go to sleep if some pixel in the application is uneven;

• Don’t know the words: "this is not thought out in the layout", because you have a good head on your shoulders;

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Python developer
iOS developer
Android developer
PHP developer
C#, ASP.NET developer
UX/UI designer

Examples of the projects we are working on


Our succes stories


MIHAI Popescu (Software Architector and C# Programmer): When I started working for Bina Systems a new chapter of my life began. I have learned many new things in C# and .NET, gained important experience in management and team leading. For the first time I didn't find myself in a formal atmosphere, but in a friendly one instead. It was easy to fall in love with my job and now Bina Systems is an integral part of my life.


IULI Dercaci (PHP and Python Developer): Being a web developer for a rather long time - this is the first place I do not want to quit after a year. Bina Systems has its own unique way of project management when the best solution is found in the actual process of app development and it makes working on the project fun and exciting.


SERGIU Cotovici (C# Programmer): I'm in this company from the very beginning and saw first steps of Bina Systems on the IT market of Republic of Moldova. I was fortunate enough to be hired as a programmer with little experience back then and we had more experienced colleagues from whom I had learned. It was a thrilling period of intensive growth and I managed to raise my level of C # and .NET dramatically. I saw many things changed. I saw Bina Systems increase in number of employees and quality of the end product during these years I am happy to be a part of this family.


GLEB Tocarenco (Python Developer): Bina Systems offered me an opportunity to start an interesting career in IT industry. I learned how to create scalable and high loaded web applications using best practices of cloud app development. Also during my work in this great company I've learned how to maintain high efficiency while performing on the limit of my resources.